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Tin Shed Solutions (TSS) is a 3D rendering and architectural visualisation, animation studio based in Adelaide, offering creative digital technology services to designers, architects, real estate agents, developers, government and non-government organisations both in Australia and internationally. 

What we do

Our service mission is to provide our clients the highest standards in service, product and value for money, anytime, every time.


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About Us

We offer a wide range of 3D rendering services including: Interior, exterior, elevation and cut through renders, flythrough, walkthrough, 3D animations and 2D floor Plans.  Whether you need help with a small project, such as a café or a restaurant or a larger scale project such as a sporting complex or a hotel building, we can help you bring your plans into 3D rendered or animated visual masterpieces.  

Experienced, highly talented and qualified architects and designers are here to provide you the support you need in transforming your plans into digital masterpieces from 3D rendering to 3D animated visuals and more.

Our Portfolio

What you see here is only the beginning of what our team can create with your project plans and designs.

Our Skills

The team at TSS are passionate about providing you with the best service and value for money.

We have a highly talented and creative team, equipped with over 8 years of 3D visualisation experience using the latest software and technology available.

  • Personalised Service – 100%
  • High Quality Work – 100%
  • On time delivery – 100%
  • Competitive Pricing – 100%
  • Project Based creative input – 100%

Our Clients

  • Architects
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Government
  • Community or Cultural organisations
  • Consultants


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